10 things

10 things I am loving:

1. Jillian Michaels podcasts:   ..in the car, while I workout, while I clean….so informative. I also checked out her book Unlimited from the library and I am attempting to read it outloud to Dave.

2. Lifting weights: it makes me feel strong. I am on stage 4 of the New Rules of Lifting for Women workout. Feeling great.

3. Walking more: I am taking a break from running and it feels awesome. I am doing interval/incline walks on the treadmill and am making it a point to get outside and walk more (for the fresh air and sunshine)

4. Homemade granola:  I have made pumpkin butter granola, nutella granola, almond butter granola…I love it all, and I am loving eating with a little splash of coconut milk

5.  Catching up on old movies with Dave:  winter is a time for snuggling and staying in. We have watched Big, The Jerk, and plan to watch the Godfather movies, Ghostbusters, etc.

6. Weekly massage nights:  We are making it a point to spend more quality time together and also be good to our bodies. A weekly massage feels soooo nice….

7.  My blendtec blender:  I have made so many delicious smoothies and juices (and breadcrumbs and banana bread…) I love it. It has changed the way I cook and eat and will continue to do so.

8. The blog Oh She Glows. Awesome vegan recipes.

9. My jeggings:  I have really loved the black jeggings I bought from American Eagle (have gotten my $25 worth). I have also been enjoying leggings and skinny jeans.

10. Fast Food Nation:  I am reading this book on my kindle. It is really eye opening and has made me really think about the food that I eat. The disgusting conditions of meatpacking plants and the way fast food is made and processed makes me want to stear clear of it forever.

10 things I want to try:

1.  More circuit training workouts:  I will purchase an interval timer to help with this. I want to challenge my body in different ways and the cardio aspect with circuit training is just what I need.

2. Less meat and more veggies:  I will get in the habit of drinking a green smoothie everyday and having it as part of my daily calorie intake.

3.  Working out in the morning:  I struggle to get out of bed every morning, but when I make a little extra time in the am to hop on the treadmill (even if its only 10 minutes) I ALWAYS feel better.

4.  Wheat grass:  I recently bought some things from Mountain Rose Herbs (hemp seeds, vanilla beans, sesame oil) and will try these in my diet/beauty routine. I will also learn what wheat grass can do for me (I heard its very good for you.)

5.  Use oils as body moisturizers:  I will make a body oil using the sesame seed oil I purchased from Mountiain Rose Herbs.

6. Deoderant:  I have not been wearing commercial deodorants and haven’t been noticing that I smell, but I will try to make my own deoderant (plan to use the recipe from A Pretty Penny blog)

7.  Eat local: I will research how I can buy local eggs, look into purchasing meat from a local butcher, eat more fish that Dave catches and learn to can my vegetables from my garden.

8. 50-100 item cleanout:  I will spend a day and choose 50-100 items from my home to purge.

9.  Toxic free nail polish: I love to paint my nails; it makes me feel more dressed up.  But I recently read in Gorgeously Green that nail polish is toxic and can be absorbed through your fingernails.  I would like to order Zoya or other toxic/chemical free nail polish to try out.

10.  Make more time for my relationships:  I will spend more quality time with Dave, spending less time on the internet and my phone.


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