My Quest for Balance

A place of balance. 



We travel this road of life to get to a place of peace and balance.

Are we ever truly balanced? 

When we reach a “place of balance” then what? 

Some areas of life that I try to balance: (in no particular order) 

1. Food: I have recently done a Whole 30 challenge changing my entire outlook on food. I am now trying to find a balance with nutrient-dense whole foods with a little bit of fun thrown in. I recently tried a 21 day sugar detox but only made it to day 12. I am thinking these “challenges” are restricting my foods, but I still have not busted my sugar addiction (I still want chocolate pretty much all of the time.) However I am more aware of my bored, emotional eating. 

2. Fitness: I have almost completed  “The New Rules of Lifting for Women” program and am feeling strong. I have run a marathon before and am torn between running for leisure and running for races. I like the rush races give me, but I also like to spend my time doing other fitness activities and races can be very time consuming. Yoga makes me feel the best both spiritually and physically, but for some reason I am not the best at making time for this. I bought a road bike and plan to spend a lot of time on my bike with Dave. 

3. Finances: I read Dave Ramsey’s book: Total Money Makeover and am currently trying to pay off my student loan debt using the debt snowball. I have $13,000 left on my loan and plan to pay it off before the end of 2013. After it is paid off, I will begin to save. I know I need to figure out my retirement, but for some reason, I am dragging my feet on this. I have cut down on my shopping habits and have found this not only helps my finances but helps me lead a less cluttered and complicated life. 

4. Family and Friends: As I grow older, my time seems more limited, so I try to spend time with friends that make me feel good. I try to surround myself with like minded people that have my same interests. Family is very important and I want to be near my family.

5. Mental health: This is a broad category but seems to be good when my food and fitness are balanced. I make a lot of lists and seem to stress about a lot of things. I am trying to work on lowering my stress and will try to use writing/blogging as an outlet for some of my thoughts. 

6. Giving: I have been wanting to volunteer for awhile now, but did not know where to start. I have started to volunteer my time with My Happy Place, a new organization and I feel so much better about myself after I have spent time helping others. I like using my talents and creativity to make others happy. This has already been a rewarding experience.

7. Fun and hobbies: Its always important to have fun. I am interested in learning about so much: photography, nutrition, etc, but need to stop and try to just enjoy life. Live in the moment. 

How do I reach balance with all of these aspects of my life? I am constantly making lists and seeking information to better myself.  Is it too much? Is it causing me to be more unbalanced? Do I get farther away from balance the more I search for it? 


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