10 things

10 things I’m loving right now: (in no particular order)

1. Balanced Bites Podcast: since doing the Whole 30 challenge, I have been eating mostly Paleo and have really enjoyed listening to Liz and Diane talk about how to eat healthy and live a balanced life. I have listened to all 99 episodes and wait patiently each week for a new one to come out.

2. Local chicken: Dave grills it up on Sunday night, and we eat chicken all week: fresh salads, chicken salad, stir fry…

3. Garden and farmer’s market vegetables. Yum. I really want to can vegetables.

4. The opportunity to quit my job and try something new.  I’m so nervous, but so excited.

5. my TOMS.

6. Evening walks.

7.  My husband. Feels weird to say that word. But oh so grateful for someone who supports me and stands by me. He’s the best.

8. Good friends.

9. Up North. Had a great week up at Lake Washburn and cant wait to get away for a few days to Leech at the end of September. Everytime I go up north I feel like its a “reset.”

10. La Croix coconut carbonated water. Surprising deliciousness.

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