Back to Reality…

Its my final few days as a full time occupational therapist (for now).  A few things happened to me today to bring me back to why I became an OT in the first place.  First, my co worker was talking about the real reason we come to work everyday…the patients.  We care about people and want them to get good care.  It is so easy to get caught up in the day to day details of the job (work politics), but in the end we wouldn’t be there if it weren’t for the patients.

Secondly, one of the mothers of my patients gave me this:


A turtle necklace. Seems small, but means the world to me.  The card read:  a little something to remind me of her son;  the turtle represents working hard at your own pace,  slow and steady wins the race.

This small gesture has made me think a lot. A lot about the impact I may have had on other’s lives while working at Mercy.  About the fact that you may be giving to others without realizing it. Most of all, its a reminder to me to slow down.  I always rush through everything, I’m just wanting to get things done.  If I could just slow down and enjoy the moments, knowing that I will get to the end that I’m shooting for, only to realize, there is no end, its a journey. A process. And we’ll get there. All in our own time.

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