21 Day Sugar Detox

Today is Day 1.

I’m attempting this sugar detox thing again.  It all started with a Whole 30 challenge at the beginning of this year that completely changed my view of food.  Since then, I have tried to eat a more “paleo” diet, trying to limit sugars, processed foods, grains, and dairy.  I attempted the 21 day sugar detox in May and made it to Day 12, when Dave and I went for ice cream after supper one night. Then I gave up.

My plan for better success this time is  try to follow the sugar detox rules, but be kind to myself if I do slip up. Forgive myself. I gave up way too easy last time.  I need to understand that its the journey.  I’m hoping to fight some long engrained habits and urges:  sweet cravings after dinner, eating out of boredom or comfort, eating at certain times of day.  I am going to spend the next 21 days trying to eat out of hunger and choose foods that fuel me, fill me and make me feel good.

I like these challenges because it doesn’t appear I am someone who can do sweet things in moderation. If I have one reese’s peanut butter cup, I want 10. or 15. So I am going to attempt, once again, to avoid sugar, grains, dairy, processed foods, and alcohol for the next 21 days (over a vacation–so we’ll see…).

I plan to try to log my eating and my thoughts/feelings I may be having, maybe not daily, but as much as I can.

This morning, I got up and did not feel hungry, so I made myself a cup of caffeinated green tea.  I didn’t eat breakfast, because I wasn’t hungry.  About noon, I made myself a big salad:



After eating the salad, I was not hungry, but my brain started to tell me I needed something sweet.  I started to think about what I might have in the freezer or fridge that would give me a sweet kick.  Then I remembered its day 1.  So I made myself another cup of tea, Red Rooibos, and drank that instead.  I have had a lot of thoughts about grabbing an iced coffee at the coffee shop, or eating a granola bar.  I know these thoughts are based on habits (I “treat” myself with certain foods, and while I’ve replaced unhealthy treats with much healthier ones, I would really like to not have this relationship with food).  So I beat sugar craving #1. But I guess it has only been 6 hours.

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