Day 3

Today is day 3.

I have survived 2 whole days with no sugar..not even fruit…except for those 3 bites of apple that I had yesterday.  This stuff is hard. I drank apple cinnamon water all day yesterday. Delicious. But all I wanted was an iced coffee or piece of chocolate.

Here’s some other food I’ve been eating.

DAY 2:


IMG_3243sauteed cabbage and other veggies, egg


IMG_3245spinach salad with coleslaw, chicken, honey mustard vinaigrette, and apple cinnamon water


IMG_3248Roasted zucchini and summer squash brushed in coconut oil with red pepper flakes and celery salt

Day 3 Breakfast

IMG_3249sauteed cabbage and other veggies, egg, and 1/2 avocado, kombucha, green tea

This really hasn’t even gotten hard yet. I am anticipating hard this weekend when I go to a brunch on Saturday morning, then we hang out with friends to watch the Iowa vs Iowa State game.  Chips and dip and drinks galore. I will just have to plan ahead and bring something sugar detox friendly. Hope I can do it!


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