30 in my 30s

IMG_2161I have read a lot of blog posts with lists about things you should do before you turn 30.

Well, too late. I’m already 30.

So instead I made a list of 30 things I want to do in my 30’s.

1.  Go to Hawaii.

2.  Join a band again.

3.  Become a mom.

4. Compost.

5. Can something.

6. Save money.

7.  Be happily married.

8. Expand my yoga practice.

9.  Learn how to back up a trailer and operate a skid loader.

10.  Get involved in the community.

11. Go out of the country again. (possibly Costa Rica or the like?)

12. Sew a dress.

13. Eat paleo.

14. Establish my “adult style.”  Weed out my closet and stock it with quality staple pieces.

15. Have a big garden and put away food for the winter.

16. Eat all local meats and eggs.

17. Be a successful business owner for 5 years.

18. Have my own puppy.

19. Make my own fermented food:  sauerkraut and kombucha.

20.  Take my kids up north every summer.

21.  Read 100 books.

22.  Become a “Master Gardner.”

23. Have chickens for eggs.

24. Clean a fish.

25. Stay connected to girlfriends.

26. Take a business class.

27. Make the farm house “ours.”

28.  Have my nieces out for slumber parties frequently.

29.  Swap clothes with others to decrease spending on clothes.

30.  Volunteer.

There it is. Better get busy.

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