Day 8

Wow have I had some mixed emotions (highs and lows) with this Sugar Detox.

Yesterday was Day 7.  And it was the worst of days.  Confession time.

I survived the weekend (a brunch on Saturday morning and watching the game with friends that night).  I did allow myself some wiggle room those days.  I ate a little of the egg bake my mom made, even though it had tator tots and cheese in it. And I ate some of the homemade jalapeno poppers that Mike made (more cheese and cream cheese!).  And now I’m paying for all that cheese.  My body does not like dairy.  And after eating it, I suffer for several days afterwards.  Yikes.

And then there was yesterday.  I worked in the morning, and as soon as I left that place, I immediately wanted something to eat. Something comforting, like a sweet coffee drink, or a cookie.  I didn’t have anything, but when I got home, I ate 4 small homemade granola bars, one right after the other that have honey and cacao chips in them (2 more no-no foods).  I couldn’t stop.  Then it kind of clicked.  Work stresses me out. Even if it was just 3 hours.  The environment there is sort of toxic for me. So I need to recognize that and learn to combat stress with things other than food. Like yoga, or walks, or even just a cup of warm tea.

So today is Day 8.  A new day.  I will be continuing the sugar detox to the best of my abilities, and continue to forgive myself along the way.  I am doing this to learn what triggers my eating, and hopefully start some positive routines and habits, like chewing my food, eating slowly, and choosing foods my body likes to digest.  Food is fuel. I’m pretty lucky to have an abundance of it.

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