10 things

10 things I’m loving right now.

1. Raspberry tea

2. Free clothes that are awesome.

3. Friends that give me free clothes that are awesome. When Jensen came to visit last Friday, she brought me these pants. Which are just the right amount of stretchy to be dreamy. Thank you Jan Jansen, for selling Cabi and giving them the Kate for free, thus giving them to me by default. She sent me another pair in black..and a dress. So awesome. IMG_33084.  Working when I want.

5. Reading. I have been a sponge lately. I think the colder weather makes me want to hunker down and read every book ever written.

6. Remodeling.  As much work as it is, and I know its just the beginning honeymoon phase, but I really like re-doing houses.  I love HGTV and although I’m no interior decorator, I thoroughly enjoy picking out paint colors and making projects for the walls. Can’t wait to move out to our new house so we can keep up the work.

7.  my Toms. Still. Can’t get enough.

8. These boots that I’m saving up for.  They are exactly like the pair I have worn every day for the past 3 winters.  But without 2 cracked soles. I will be wearing them by Christmas.

9. Yogadownload.com podcast. I love doing yoga, and 20 minutes a day seems just enough to do me good, and not too much to scare me off from even doing it in the first place.

10. That 5/10, or 50% of this post is about my shoes/clothes. I read too many fashion blogs.

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