Day 13 or 1?

Today is Day 13. Or actually, Day 1 of not doing the sugar detox any more.

I only made it to Day 12.  Exactly the day I made it to last time.  I’m going to be done for now, but will keep in mind what I learned in the 12 days that I attempted to not eat sugar….again.

1.  Sugar is addicting. Very addicting.  We went to Sips for supper last night and I fell off the wagon. And hard. Sweet potato fries sprinkled in sugar and brown sugar? Yes, please!  An apple cider martini? Yes, please! A chocoloate martini for dessert?  Yes, please! Oops. As soon as I taste it, I want more.

2.  I cheated quite a bit this time around.  But I forgave myself.  And am just accepting the fact I have only made it to Day 12 twice now.  I will try again in the future, when our lives slow down a bit (ha! good luck with that one!).

3.  Not eating sugar is hard. Very hard. Everything has sugar in it.

4.  I definitely have habits and routines surrounding food.  I reach for food at certain times of the day, or with changes in activity.  For example, when I leave the house, I always grab something to snack on.  And I always think I need something to drink (tea, coffee, soda water), when I am going somewhere in my car.  And on long road trips, I need snacks for the car, right?!?  I am going to try to break some of these habits, and only eat when I’m hungry.  It’s smart to pack snacks to have, but I always feel like I NEED to eat them if they are there.

4.  I think a lot about food and want to have a more relaxed approach to it.  I want to find a balance between eating healthy and also letting myself be relaxed about eating something that might not be so healthy.

5.  I really do enjoy my meals more when I slow down and take time to actually taste the food. Food is good.

I have been reading this book for the past couple days, which seems to go hand in hand with what I have learned from the sugar detox: 

It definitely reminds me of The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg.  Both books talk about why we do the things we do.  We truly are creatures of habit.  If we want to change our eating, we have to change our habits.

He describes an approach to changing eating behaviors built of 4 principles.

1. Replace chaos with structure: plan your meals and make set “rules” for eating, such as “I don’t eat fried foods.”

2. Just-right eating:  eating just enough food to keep you full for 4 hours (until the next meal).   He suggested eating only half of your meal, then take note how long that keeps you full.  Most times, we eat double, or more, of the serving size we actually need.

3. Choosing foods that satisfy you:  base meals on things that fill you up. Protein + vegetables + healthy fat, with some fruit thrown in.

4.  Eating foods you enjoy: eat what you like, just don’t overdo it.

I have read a lot of books on diet and nutrition, and every time I finish another one, I feel one step closer to figuring out the balance of eating healthy and living happily that will work for me.   Just like most things in life, its a marathon, not a sprint.

Gotta take it one bite at a time.

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