IMG_2836As I was getting ready for yoga this morning, I realized something.  Yoga always finds a way back to me, and usually during stressful times of my life.  

I started yoga when I was 14, the most awkward age ever. I didn’t really think much of yoga then, I just looked at it as a form of exercise that might make me skinny.

I spent my college years drinking beer and occassionally running, again, to be skinny. But failing. No yoga was done at Luther. 

My next experience with yoga wasn’t until graduate school.  It was the first semesterl, I was in a city alone and I didn’t make insta-friends at school like I thought I would.  My grandpa died and I got hives. Bad. I was stressed to the max.  So I started taking a kundalini yoga class offered at St. Kates.  I’m not sure why its different, but it got into my head and challenged my body to do poses or repetitive chants and motions for extended periods of time (up to 15 minutes worth).  That’s when I learned the power of your brain and how your thoughts can push your physical being through things you never thought possible.  Like running a marathon.  After graduate school I got a job. 

Which eventually led me to Mason City.  I started taking a yoga fit class offered to Mercy employees for a discount.  I went early Saturday mornings and after work one day per week.  Then the class ended. And it was sad. 

I was yoga-less for almost a year.  In that time, I ran a marathon. Lifted some weights. And quit running. And now yoga has found its way back at a time where I need it the most.  I have been attending a class on Friday mornings, and find myself making sure that I get there, no matter how busy I think I am.  I have been doing 20 minute yoga sessions complements of I love it. Its fast, convenient, and free. And I get my dose of yoga for the day. 

We are in the middle of a big move, transition to country life, business ownership, etc. And through all of the craziness, I have been taking small time outs to do yoga, and I truly think its making a difference to keep me calm and balanced. 


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