Another challenge…

I am doing another challenge…or 2. I can’t help it. I can’t stop. And if I’m not doing some type of challenge, my eating and snacking seems to be out of control. I can’t be trusted.

The first challenge is a competition with my sister.  Each week we pick something to work on and keep track of how many times we slip up.  The first week was to only eat when you are sitting down.  Sounds easy, but wow. I put a lot of food in my mouth while I am standing in the kitchen cooking. Just a taste test here and a temperature test there…well, it all adds up. Calories consumed even before I sit down to eat a meal.  This challenge was very enlightening.

This weeks challenge is to drink 32 oz of water a day.  And the first challenge is still in effect.  Whoever loses puts $5 in, and if you gain that week you pay in $2. Not sure how many weeks we will do this, but I think the pot could end up getting pretty big.  I intend to spend my winnings on something special for myself.


The second challenge I am doing is my 2nd Whole 30.  I did my first one in March, and it was awesome.  It made me feel great, and helped me change how we eat.  I have slipped since then, and have found myself eating more dairy, wheat, and beans, and paying for it (hello constipation, gas, bloating, and acne).

I’m starting the challenge on Monday and have my friend Melissa convinced to try it with me.  30 days of no dairy (no ice cream–wah!), no wheat, no legumes, no processed anything, and no alcohol (quite possibly the hardest part).  It’s on. I can do this.

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