Tomorrow is the big day, the start of the Whole 30 challenge. I definitely whooped it up this weekend with lots of booze and tailgating snacks, so my body is probably more than ready for a restart.

Here’s a quick review on what the Whole 30 challenge actually is.

Whole foods for 30 days. No alcohol, legumes, dairy, wheat, or processed foods for 30 days.

Meals are based on a protein, veggies, and a healthy fat.

I was trying to locate the guides I used on the first whole 30 challenge, but I was having some difficulty navigating the Whole 30 website.  I am going to put my most used resources in this post so I can easily access them when I need them.

Want a whole bunch of resources on paleo?  Click Here. 

I listen to 2 paleo podcasts on a weekly basis.  They give me a lot more understanding about paleo and why its healthy for your body.  Robb Wolfe and Balanced Bites.  And just a bonus, I never miss Jillian Michaels’ podcast either.

This is the down low on the program.

Here’s a link to the free pdf downloads.  The 2 most important downloads that I used were the shopping guide and meal planning template.

If you’re wondering if you can eat a certain food, start here.  You can also read the forum or ask a question yourself.

I have my shopping guide and meal planning template already printed out to take to the grocery store next time.

I did grocery shop on Friday and plan to do some prep work tomorrow morning. I’m ready…Let’s do this.

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