Whole 30, Week 2, Day8!

We did it! We made it a whole week. And it really hasn’t been too bad! Woot!

I am feeling good. I have only had a few cravings for a drink, Friday afternoon, and have wanted to snack a bit, but am allowing myself some nuts, dates, or fruit if I feel like I need it.  I am not as tired any more, hopefully the carb flu is gone. I feel less bloated and my digestion seems good. TMI.

I’m making sure I’m prepped and have plenty of good choices for snacks if I need them, and am doing well with my meal planning (not working full time definitely helps). I survived the move with the help of LOTS of coffee and whole 30 approved coffee creamer–slightly addicted.

Some things I prepped for the week:

Individual snack packs of baby carrots, snap peas, and grape tomatoes–I ate this a lot the first week and its a great snack on the go.

Ind. snack packs of macadamia nuts and dates.  I portioned them out to control my snacking…I go a little nuts sometimes #punintended

Whole chicken in the crock pot: meat for salads and stir fry, made stock from the bones and am making Italian sausage and veggie soup today.

Chopped broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, onion, carrots, and sweet potato to use in stir fry, salads, and breakfast.

Boiled eggs.

Made almond joy coffee creamer.

Made salsa in my new mini food processor.

Will eat taco meat and salmon burgers from the freezer if needed.

That should get us through the week.

My goals for the week:

1. Make paleo mayo

2.  get more local meat (beef, possibly lamb, and a few more chickens).  I have the freezer space, might as well stock up.

3. Drink lots of water. (I busted out my new water infusion pitcher–going to try some pineapple/berry infusion)

4. Possibly make some egg muffins to have in the freezer.

Bring it week 2!


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