7 Habits of Highly Effective People

IMG_4244I read most of the book 7 habits for highly effective people while we were in Hawaii and I love the concepts of the book. I have heard of the book before, but was encouraged to read it after reading about Jess’s  story and how she has used the concepts of the book to improve her life.  It is great for both personal and professional relationships.

I also turned 31 while we were in Hawaii.  Seems weird to write that. 31? How could I be that old? Turns out, I am. No getting  around it.  So I am going to do a little project on myself (because that’s what I’m always doing), except its not going to be focused on weightloss or fitting into my skinny jeans.  I’m going to spend the next year, writing and soul searching and figuring out what I’m really here for.  I have so many thoughts and ideas on what I want to become. I want to be a life coach, a personal organizer, a better OT, a great nursery owner. I am going to use the concepts in 7 Habits to try to focus my energy on becoming the best Mary I can be.

One of the first tasks I will set out to do it write a personal statement. So that all my decisions in the future are made with this personal statement in mind, so I keep moving in the right direction toward my goals.  My personal statement will be based on my values and roles I want to fulfill.

I will attempt to spend 30 minutes/day in self refection, either reading or writing.  In these 30 minutes I hope to define my roles and values through my personal statement writing, and rewriting, and rewriting again.  I want to journal and get my thoughts out there.  Its funny, I never thought I was a writer.  But its becoming more apparent to me that I am.  I may not be that good at it, in fact, in college I was a biology major, so I was really good at the scientific writing.  And I think I fell into this stereotype and convinced myself that I was no good at writing.  I DON’T like creative writing, and I choose nonfiction books over fiction 9 times out of 10 (although I do love a great fiction book).    I love to read. And I like to write too.  I have just been denying myself this, and judging the things that I write.  No longer.  I am going to allow myself to write, without judgment. And be kind to myself about what I am putting out there.

I want to take this year and dig deep. Be honest with myself. Confront my demons head on so I can move on.  Part of the motivation to improve is that someday I would like to be a mother.  And becoming a parent is huge. And I know I will never fully prepare myself for it, but the more I know myself and love myself, the more I can give fully to another human being.  And not lose myself while doing it.

I have a lot of work to do, and yet, I feel like just by reading this book, I have made huge leaps and bounds.


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