Year 31

Last year, I made a list of 30 things I wanted to do in my 30s….Here’s an update on how I’m getting along..

If the goals are met I changed them to blue.  If they are still in progress I changed them to purple. If I haven’t done anything with them, they are black.

1.  Go to Hawaii. We went to Hawaii in January and it was an amazing trip. Hope to go back very soon.

2.  Join a band again. I have not joined a band, but I did give my first piano lesson the other night and it felt so good to be doing something musical again.  I feel like I am finding my way.

3.  Become a mom.

4. Compost.   Haven’t done this yet, but as soon as spring hits, this will be a priority. 

5. Can something. Canned beans and tomatoes last year. And plan to can salsa and dilly beans this year. 

6. Save money. Working on this. Have an emergency fund set aside and definitely are making steps to not spend as much.  Just started the “You Need a Budget” software to help us track our budget. 

7.  Be happily married. Feel like this is going well. 🙂

8. Expand my yoga practice. I have been doing more yoga lately and hope to take a teacher training course in the very near future. 

9.  Learn how to back up a trailer and operate a skid loaderHad my first skid loader lesson. I’m sure there will be many more lessons as soon as the ground thaws.

10.  Get involved in the community. I have not done anything too dramatic with this, but have been talking with Jan Libbey about the local food movement and getting involved with that.  

11. Go out of the country again. (possibly Costa Rica or the like?)

12. Sew a dress.

13. Eat paleo. We eat “paleo” but definitely could cut out the sugar and treats. 

14. Establish my “adult style.”  Weed out my closet and stock it with quality staple pieces. I am definitely learning what my style is, or what I want it to become.   I am getting rid of items in my closet that just aren’t “me” and only bringing in pieces that I truly love.

15. Have a big garden and put away food for the winter Hope to do a lot more of this this summer.  I will to tomatoes, salsa, hot peppers for drying, corn and strawberries for sure. 

16. Eat all local meats and eggs. Not totally there, still buy some eggs and frozen chicken breasts at target, but am getting better at this.  Maybe someday I’ll have chickens? 

17. Be a successful business owner for 5 years. Bought Natural Plus on March 1.  Been a business owner for 6 days.

18. Have my own puppy. Mika and Maggie are enough for now. 

19. Make my own fermented food:  sauerkraut and kombucha.

20.  Take my kids up north every summer.

21.  Read 100 books.

22.  Become a “Master Gardner.” Did not complete this course, but I hope in the next few years, through experience through the nursery and around our home, I hope to become my own “master gardener.”

23. Have chickens for eggs.

24. Clean a fish.

25. Stay connected to girlfriends. 

26. Take a business class. Done. And learned a lot. 

27. Make the farm house “ours.” Working on it.  We have made huge progress in the last 4 months.  It does feel like “ours,” but we do have a few projects we would like to finish up (mudroom closet, basement, upstairs bathroom, office, workroom)

28.  Have my nieces out for slumber parties frequently. Haven’t had a slumber party but have had them out to play in the snow this winter a couple times. So much fun. 

29.  Swap clothes with others to decrease spending on clothes. I have been doing this a lot. And it feels really good to share with others.  And not spend money on clothes

30.  Volunteer. I did some work with My Happy Place, but haven’t continued that work.  I hope to do something with the local food movement in the future. 

I think I’ve made some pretty good progress in the last year.  I met 6 goals and am progressing with 11 of them.  I feel like such a therapist right now.

Looking back I feel good about how far I’ve come. Knowing I still have 9 years left to reach these goals makes me feel pretty good about myself and where I’m at.

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