Why I’m going to share this stuff…

IMG_4349I have teetered on sharing this blog or not sharing this blog.

And I’ve decided I’m going to share it.

I have been blogging at A Natural Plus since August, and have updated my Facebook page with all the new blog posts.  Its really fun to see my friends and family’s responses to my posts.  The encouragement and support is inspiring.  It is so easy to be hard on yourself.  I am super good at that.  I am my own worst critic.  I start judging and over thinking the things I want to write about, and pretty soon, I’m not writing anything at all, because its probably not going to be good enough anyway. I want to quit the negative self talk.

Two recent events have pushed me to the decision to share.  First, I was chatting with a friend, and her dream is to write a book about her aunt or a children’s book.  No time like the present, I told her, and encouraged her to just sit down and start writing.  What’s the harm in that? So I’ve been following my own advice and putting my thoughts on paper   in a word document.

Second, I helped my cousin Libby simplify her closet.  It was so much fun, and I didn’t realize how much of an impact it had on her.  I received a really nice note from her yesterday, thanking me for inspiring her.  Inspiring her? I went to her house, cleaned out her closet, and took a bunch of her clothes with me…at the time, I didn’t realize I was inspiring her.  But I was.  And I want to keep doing that.  So I plan to share my thoughts on this blog by sharing my posts on my Facebook page.  If you don’t want to read them, unfriend me. And if you do, I hope you find something in my words and posts to inspire you. Because if I can reach out and help just one person, I will be happy.

Live Simple. Be well.


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