To be a woman.

**Disclaimer:  I am going to generalize about women in the following blogpost.  If this doesn’t pertain to you, you are amazing and you should ignore this..and tell me how you do it.


As women, we have so much to learn from each other.  That’s why I love reading blogs.  Especially the blogs that are honest about real life and share valuable information about being a mom, making it as an entrepreneur, struggles with weight, how to make your own coffee creamer, etc.  We should be supporting eachother.  Always. Building each other up.  Instead, sometimes when I’m with other women, I feel judged and inferior.  Most (if not all) of this is my own insecurities (which I think is safe to assume that many other women have these same insecurities).  But I would like to change this.  I would like to not only feel better about who I am as a woman, but also inspire the other women in my life to feel good about who they are, and in turn they will spread this to the other women in their lives.  Imagine if we all were supportive of each other all the time (instead of judging, comparing, etc).  Women would rule the world.

I find it so interesting to be in a room full of women.  Most times, I am looking at the other women, observing what they are wearing, and wondering why I don’t look as cute as they do.  Every woman does it.  The comparison game.  Constantly comparing yourself to your friend or acquaintance.  That’s why we shop.  And feel like we need new clothes.  Because we see something similar on our friend, or the lady at the dentist’s office, the nice women who helped you at the bank the other day.  Boy she had on a cute sweater, I wonder where she got it.  And sometimes, if you’re brave, you’ll ask where she got it.  And then you’ll find time in your schedule that week to make sure you go online or  run to the mall to get the same sweater.  Only to find out, when you get it home, that it just doesn’t look as cute on you as it did on her.  Happens to me all the time.  And I’m learning that it happens to my friends too.  I would bet that if you’re reading this, and you’re a woman, its probably happened to you as well.

What this tells me, is that we have more influence on the lives around us than we think.

Everyone knows that a smile or friendly gesture goes a long way.  Then why don’t we smile more?  Try it, make a pact to smile (make it genuine) at everyone you see for an entire day.  Trust me, only good can come of this.  And think of all the people you have made happy throughout your day.

So next time I’m around a group of women (hello ladies night), I plan to smile. A lot.  And being real, I plan to not compare and contrast, but instead, listen and learn.  I think I’ll be surprised at what I find out.

Live Simply.  Be well.

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