The Clothes Broker

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of clothes and accessory swapping with my friends.  Its pretty awesome.  I get new stuff, but I also get to give others new stuff.  I have been passing on unwanted clothes and jewelry to women I know that might want them.  Sometimes its swapped for good, and sometimes its just borrowed, with the expectation that it will be returned.  My favorite clothes in my closet have come out of my friends’ closets.

sweater, earrings and scarf from melissa…


shirt from melissa…

sweater and shirt from christina..and has been passed on since! 🙂


And my favorite sweater right now…from christina…earrings from amy hogg.
IMG_4519I love not spending money on clothes and jewelry, but still getting new stuff.

I’m a clothes broker… Let me know if you want to swap!


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