2 years?

I started this blog over 2 years ago. That is hard to believe. I’m not consistent with posts, and don’t really have a focus or purpose for the blog, but for some reason, I keep coming back to it.  Every now and then, I get the urge to write a post. So I do. And its been fun to look back over the last 2 years to see how far I’ve come.

I dream of being better about posting daily, heck, even weekly, but it just doesn’t happen.  And thats ok. Some people blog to make money. Some blog to reach out to others.  I blog to write. Writing is good for me. Sometimes I don’t feel like writing. So I don’t. But when I do feel like it, it always feels good. It teaches me to stop being so judgmental, let my ideas flow, you know..you can always go back and edit.

Just like this blog, this post has no focus or purpose really.  I have been in a bit of a rut with writing lately and maybe this is the start of getting back to it. Or maybe not. Either way, I’m pretty grateful that I have this space to just be me.

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