Yoga Update

I have recently signed up for an online yoga teacher training course through Aura Wellness.  Yoga has been a huge part of my life for many years, and I feel like my practice will only be enhanced and improved by learning about the history and teachings of yoga.

I am at the very beginning of the course (trying to get through the first 2 books), so I don’t have a lot of report, however I’m very excited to see where this new path will take me.

Last month, I taught Yoga-tism, a class for kids with disabilities at the Autism Center at Opportunity Village.


photo courtesy of Opportunity Village Facebook page


Yoga has a lot of benefits, and I believe it can be a very useful tool, especially for kids who may struggle with confidence, body awareness, social skills, coordination, or sensory issues.  Yoga teaches body awareness and body regulation/calming techniques.

Yoga is great, because it can be modified to fit any individual’s needs.  The thing I love the most about yoga is there is no comparisons or judgments.  You do what your body is capable of doing that day at that moment, and the rest doesn’t matter.

I’m excited to see where this new adventure with yoga takes me.


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