Intentions for the New Year



Its going to be a great year, and I have a feeling its going to just sneak right on by, just like 2014 did.  I have some ideas of things I want to do in the new year, ways I want to improve, things to make my life simpler, and happier, and more fulfilled.

Here are a few I’m hoping to focus on this year:

1.  You choose your reaction, so choose to react positively.  I find that my initial reaction to a lot of things in my life is negative.  When my phone rings and its work, when someone says something I wasn’t expecting, when I open the mail, or sometimes even when I get a text message from a friend.  I want to change that initial negative reaction, and have a more open mind.  When work calls, it means there is work out there for me, and I am so fortunate that I have the opportunity to say yes or no to that work.  When someone says something I wasn’t expecting, a lot of times that can bring some positive experience into my life, or I can learn something new from that person.  When I open the mail, it could mean money coming in, not another bill. When I get a text from a friend, it could mean they are needing me, or maybe they are reaching out to me, because I need them (and don’t even know it).  Its so easy to look at the world through a negative lens, but whats the point.  I’m going to take the energy to change my negative lens to a positive one.  (Its a hard task, but I’m going to do my best).


2.  I want to be more giving.  This can be done in so many ways.  Sending an unexpected thank you or greeting card to someone.  Rubbing Dave’s back.  Opening the door for someone.  Smiling to people I meet or pass by.  It feels good to give.  And there are many easy ways to give to others without spending money.


3.  Be more intentional with my time.  I wish I could get up every morning an hour before I need to start getting ready and take that time to meditate, reflect, read, work out or stretch.  But I just can’t seem to do it…I really like to sleep in.  But I want to make sure I am spending time on those things everyday, and making that time a priority.  This will mean cutting back on tv and Facebook and other time wasters in my life.  I know this is going to be especially hard once the baby comes, but I know this is a huge priority and necessity for my sanity.


4.  Let go.  Be spontaneous. Give up some control.  So hard for me, but so necessary.  When I let others take care of something, or just let life happen, I am so much happier.  Its so hard for me to give up control, but I learned in the past year that life isn’t in my control. The only thing I can do is make good decisions and the rest is not up to me.  I do know that I am going to be forced to let go as our family transitions from 2 to 3 and our lives are flipped over and we have to figure out a new normal.

IMG_51685. Live simply.  I want to let go of material possessions.  I want to let go of the past.  I want to eat simply.  Exercise simply.  Work simply.  Have simple, pleasant relationships.


6.  Lastly, I want to show myself forgiveness and compassion. Stop being to hard on myself. Continue to grow and learn, but be ok with where I’m at right now.

Read about my 2014 intentions here.

And what I was loving and working on in 2013


One thought on “Intentions for the New Year

  1. Love you, Mary! Love this list! So excited for you in 2015 – a baby is a huge game-changer and of course makes all of the above more challenging…but also provides some of the most peaceful, sweet experiences you will ever have! Always here for you and happy to chat about simplicity and peace anytime! ❤

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