21 weeks

2015/01/img_6018.jpgI’m over half way, and this baby is growing!  We had an ultrasound last week, and the baby measured 11 oz and was very active through the whole thing.  It was crazy to see him/her move so much …I am feeling the movements, but not as much as it is actually moving!

My mind is still blown away by all of this. I try not to think too hard about it, mostly because it really is too much for me to grasp.  I feel so fortunate that all has been well during this pregnancy.  The first trimester seemed to last a long time, but now time feels like its flying by. I really like reading other people’s pregnancy recaps, and I’m hoping to continue these posts throughout the rest of my pregnancy.  I think it will be fun to look back on and a good reference for future pregnancies!

Concerns: These are pretty minimal right now.  I was told about this second trimester stuff…lots of people said it was the best trimester. And so far they are right. I haven’t read too many baby books, or done much research, because I really feel like right now, the less I know, the better off I am.  I’m just taking each day in stride and not trying to stress about things.  My biggest concern is that we don’t have the nursery painted or the floor laid, but I’m confident all this will get done before June.

Side effects:  Not too many new side effects to report.  I have had a few pimples underneath my jaw bone, and still on my back (but it seems better than it was).  Some shortness of breath after exerting myself, but I think this has gotten better since I’ve been walking on a consistent basis.

Cravings:  I have been craving grapefruit and kiwis and eat at least one of each a day.  I am also making an effort to eat more vegetables.  I do have some concerns about gestational diabetes, I have a hard time saying no to sugar, and have noticed I get kind of sleepy after I eat a lot of sugar.  I had a squirt (citrus soda) when we were out the other night and it tasted so good I bought a 12 pack…oops.  I do drink green tea every morning, but have added coffee back into some mornings (and caffeinated too…oops).  I  try to get a lot of water in (some days are better than others..) and feel better if I’m well hydrated.


Don’t mind the messy room and dirty mirror!

Size:  My belly is growing! I am still learning how to dress my new body and have some insecurities about whether I look fat or pregnant, but I think each day I feel more and more pregnant (and less fat).  We are taking a trip to Florida and I was worried about swimming suits but surprisingly I put my bikinis on and I think I’m going to go for the 2 piece (I’m borrowing a few bigger tops because my chest is definitely bigger).

Clothes:    I think more form fitting clothes that show my belly are more flattering on me.  I am definitely feeling more confident as I acquire a few more clothes that fit better and are a little more “me” than some of the hand me down maternity clothes I have.  I did order a pair of stretchy skinny jeans (that feel like leggings!) and a pair of maroon corduroy skinny pants that I definitely feel more like myself in.  I also ordered a few v-neck t-shirts from Old Navy that are a dream–not going to lie, I’ll probably get a few more before all of this is said and done (Old Navy has been the best for maternity clothes!).  And almost everyday I wear a gray or black maternity tank (under my tops) that I got from Target.

Exercise: I’ve still been walking 4-5 times per week (mostly on my treadmill because it’s so cold) but I think the walking is helping my confidence and mood.  Cannot wait to start walking more outside as the weather warms up! I also hit up yoga 1-2 times/week, and know I should pick it up with my at-home practice!

Sleep:  I have been having crazy dreams.  Too crazy to share here.  I wake up and think, how did my brain even come up with that? I do have some difficulty falling asleep at night but I think if I limited my screen time in the evenings I might be better off.  I really enjoy taking a warm bath at night with some lavender epsom salts.  I am truly convinced that getting at least 8 hours of sleep at night has kept me healthy (knock on wood).

Mood:  From first trimester to now is like night and day.   I was very down during the first trimester.  I am much more pleasant to be around and definitely have a much better attitude.  I actually feel motivated to get things done.  I have been “nesting.”  I am working my way through our entire house, cleaning out drawers, deep cleaning, and pitching stuff we don’t use any more.  Making way for all things baby!  I do get a little irritable at times (I’m blaming the hormones still) and am really looking forward to soaking up some vitamin D in Florida.

Overall feelings:  I’m feeling much better.  I’m excited to meet this little person that is growing inside me, but I am enjoying this time, when its just Dave and I (and Mika and Maggie of course).  Our lives are about to change forever.



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