IMG_2282I’ve done a few @Whole30 challenges in the last couple years and always feel amazing afterward.  I’ve been toying with the idea of doing another one for awhile, but haven’t found the motivation and always talk myself out of it. Especially because I’m not just eating for myself, I’ve got a little one that’s eating everything I eat.

But, I’ve seen Kelsey Williams (of the blog Snappy Casual and Words of Williams) who is due around the same time as me, start and get half way through a whole30 and she has inspired me to do my own little version.

I want to do this for several reasons, but most of all I’m addicted to sugar.  Bad. I don’t go a day without eating some kind of “treat” that is laced with sugar.  My worst time of day is from 2-5 in the afternoon, I always seem to reach for something sweet around that time.  I’ve been worried about what all this sugar is doing to the baby (even though I’m confident everything is going fine in there…) and I want to get a handle on my sugar addiction so I can set a good example once this little one can make its own food choices.  I also want to focus on getting my vegetables in (not hard for me, I love vegetables), but for convenience purposes and vacation, we have been eating out WAY too much.

It’s time to do a little #wholefoodsreset

So here’s the plan:

21 days.  No gluten.  No dairy.  No sugar.  No processed food.

I’m not going to do the “3 meals/day” thing because lately I’ve found that I can’t eat 3 big meals (I feel really bad after and get a side cramp) so I’ve been snacking and eating small amounts all day.  I’m also going to allow myself to eat rice, beans and some oats, in moderation of course, but think these do provide some good nutrients for the baby.

I plan to take some pics and post on instagram with hashtag #wholefoodsreset and hopefully (if I can get myself together and stick to it) do a few updates here–I’m hoping this holds me accountable…wish me luck!




5 thoughts on “#wholefoodsreset

    • Of course you are! If you ever want a buddy to do it with you, you know where to find me! I’ll let you know how this one goes, hoping I’m strong enough too…being pregnant definitely adds a challenge to it.

  1. My sugar addiction is out of control especially this time of year (Thanksgiving-Easter). This challenge would be so much easier in June when I really don’t consume lots of sugar/processed foods. If it is easy then it wouldn’t be a challenge would it? You’ve got this. I’ve got this (this is my mantra I am going to repeat until I really do have it)

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