#wholefoodsreset is over.

February 15th I started a food challenge to “reset” my eating.  I intended to try for 21 days, but last Wednesday I had some hot cocoa (for comfort), and after that, I let myself slip more and more.  I made it 11 days, which is weird, because the 2 attempts at a 21 day sugar detox both ended at day 11.  Apparently my body NEEDS sugar after 11 days (yikes.)  I’m not disappointed in myself for quitting early, in fact, I’m proud of myself for realizing that it was causing me stress.   I listened to my mind and body as I grieve the loss of a friend, and practiced kindness toward myself.

I did learn a few things this time around….

1.  I love vegetables. I mean, I already knew that I did, but we really just dump any veggies we have into a pan and cook them. And they always taste delicious. Our grocery shopping and meals are more centered around vegetables and protein, and that was the whole purpose of doing this challenge.

2.  When I have meals centered around protein and vegetables, I stay full for hours, and definitely don’t feel as bloated or sluggish. I usually only need 2 full meals/day (with some snacks of course!).

IMG_63723.   I feel tired and sluggish when I eat sugar.  I have added sugar back in (I know I need to cut back again), and when I do have sugar I feel more tired and have even had to take more naps–some of this might be due to being emotionally exhausted/pregnant, but I don’t think the sugar helps.

4. I want to get better at controlling my stress eating.  I use food for comfort. I love ice cream and sweet things and when I’m stressed, I like to treat myself. I would like to find a better balance of “treats” during stressful times, because good food makes my body feel better, which would help with my stress.

5.  I got a few more recipe ideas from my friend Jamie and the other people I have been following on instagram, with the hashtags #wholefoodsreset  #whole30  I will probably continue to use the #wholefoodsreset hashtag to tag pics of delicious food that I eat so I have a place to be inspired when I get in a slump.


6.  Eating this way is pretty. I get what they say by “Eat the Rainbow.” Our groceries and meals have been SO colorful lately.

So while I only made it 11 days of a 21 day challenge, I’m proud of myself.


Update: #wholefoodsreset

Last Sunday I started the #wholefoodsreset to get back on track with my eating (sugar cravings were out of control).  Here are my thoughts on the first week…


I think whole foods are so pretty!

I have been posting pictures of my food on instagram and tagging #wholefoodsreset and have been amazed at the response I’ve gotten.  My ego tells me that no one wants to see what I’m eating, and that its annoying to post pics of your food, but I’ve gotten comments and inspiration from people by doing this.  My high school friend Jamie is joining me (follow her on instagram: @thekitchenarium) and visit her blog Jamie’s recipes!  She is inspiring me to branch out with my cooking and meal prep (she’s a great cook–at least her food looks amazing… I guess I’ve never tasted it before-ha!).   A few other friends and family have reached out saying they would like to do the something similar, but are needing some motivation to get started.  Just reaching these few people is incentive enough to keep posting annoying food pics. 🙂 It definitely holds me accountable knowing I’ve got people watching me.


The cooking part of the #wholefoodsreset has been easy for me. I’ve done a #whole30 a few times before.  This time around I’m being even less strict, which I think is my saving grace.

Food prep is key.  I made this delicious frittata on Sunday, and boom, a filling breakfast is served for the next couple days. I also shredded up carrots, and cut up broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage to make a coleslaw (without the dressing) and we used that all week in salads, stir frys, egg salad, and other concoctions.


So far, I am feeling better (maybe its all in my head, but does that matter?).  I have more energy and more motivation to do things around the house.

I still crave sweet in the afternoons (Friday afternoon was the worst), but I have just been reaching for a healthy snack, like an apple, kiwi, or grapefruit to fill this urge.  Eventually I would like to not have to have anything sweet, but for now, baby steps.

IMG_6321I’ve been more regular and stay full longer between meals.   I’ve had a few temptations: donuts, candy, hot tamales, but really I haven’t had a hard time saying no.  We are going out to eat tonight at Cancun (Mexican).  I have already decided I will skip the chips, and order the fajitas (and have a few beans and rice with it).

Its weird, but I almost think this #wholefoodsreset is easier to do while pregnant.  I have more incentive to choose healthier foods and I’m not drinking alcohol (a glass of wine or margarita was hard to resist during my other challenges).  I’m finishing up Day 6 of 21 ..already planning my meal prep for next week.  Preparation and planning are key.

Are you interested in doing a #wholefoodsreset or something similar?  Let me know if you need help getting started!

I also recommend the book It Starts with Food if you’re wanting to learn more about the #whole30 and eating more whole foods!


Day 3

It’s Day 3 and so far so good.

Some thoughts so far:

1. The trusty ‘ole sweet potato, broccoli, onion, and bacon skillet with 2 eggs over easy for breakfast is a win!  Seems to fill me up until past lunch time.

2. I approve of the new flavors of Larabars that I tried: snickerdoodle and pumpkin pie spice. Both delicious. But I don’t plan on making it a habit to eat those for meals because they are really high in sugar and I am trying to keep my nut intake in check.  And they are pretty expensive. (I have made my own and they were delicious–might have to do that later in the challenge).

3. I feel exhausted. I think its a combination of things (my time of the month, stress of moving, not great sleep last weekend, and cutting out sugars/detoxing from crap food).  All I want to do is sleep.

4. I don’t want to admit it, but I think I need to cut out coffee for a bit too. It makes me have to go to the bathroom. And not in a good way. Makes me sad because I am really loving my pumpkin pie spice coconut milk creamer that I made. Might try a day or 2 without coffee and see how I feel. I think it may help me sleep a little better too.

5. I really have not felt hungry during this challenge. I am getting enough to eat at mealtimes, and I am not feeling like I need to eat again until the next meal. (I do want to snack, but I am resisting the urge and trying to listen to my body).

6. This seems too easy. I’m just waiting for that moment where I am presented with chocolate, or better yet a chocolate martini. That will be the true test.

7. I need get back in an exercise routine. I have been really slack, a lot of it because I feel exhausted. But I really do feel so much better if I get outside and walk or do a little yoga, even for 10 minutes.  I am going to make this a priority in the next week, I think it might help with my quality of sleep.

8. Thank you Melissa for doing the challenge with me and letting me text you 40 times a day about what I’m eating and how I’m feeling.  The support definitely makes it easier.



Tomorrow is the big day, the start of the Whole 30 challenge. I definitely whooped it up this weekend with lots of booze and tailgating snacks, so my body is probably more than ready for a restart.

Here’s a quick review on what the Whole 30 challenge actually is.

Whole foods for 30 days. No alcohol, legumes, dairy, wheat, or processed foods for 30 days.

Meals are based on a protein, veggies, and a healthy fat.

I was trying to locate the guides I used on the first whole 30 challenge, but I was having some difficulty navigating the Whole 30 website.  I am going to put my most used resources in this post so I can easily access them when I need them.

Want a whole bunch of resources on paleo?  Click Here. 

I listen to 2 paleo podcasts on a weekly basis.  They give me a lot more understanding about paleo and why its healthy for your body.  Robb Wolfe and Balanced Bites.  And just a bonus, I never miss Jillian Michaels’ podcast either.

This is the down low on the program.

Here’s a link to the free pdf downloads.  The 2 most important downloads that I used were the shopping guide and meal planning template.

If you’re wondering if you can eat a certain food, start here.  You can also read the forum or ask a question yourself.

I have my shopping guide and meal planning template already printed out to take to the grocery store next time.

I did grocery shop on Friday and plan to do some prep work tomorrow morning. I’m ready…Let’s do this.

Another challenge…

I am doing another challenge…or 2. I can’t help it. I can’t stop. And if I’m not doing some type of challenge, my eating and snacking seems to be out of control. I can’t be trusted.

The first challenge is a competition with my sister.  Each week we pick something to work on and keep track of how many times we slip up.  The first week was to only eat when you are sitting down.  Sounds easy, but wow. I put a lot of food in my mouth while I am standing in the kitchen cooking. Just a taste test here and a temperature test there…well, it all adds up. Calories consumed even before I sit down to eat a meal.  This challenge was very enlightening.

This weeks challenge is to drink 32 oz of water a day.  And the first challenge is still in effect.  Whoever loses puts $5 in, and if you gain that week you pay in $2. Not sure how many weeks we will do this, but I think the pot could end up getting pretty big.  I intend to spend my winnings on something special for myself.


The second challenge I am doing is my 2nd Whole 30.  I did my first one in March, and it was awesome.  It made me feel great, and helped me change how we eat.  I have slipped since then, and have found myself eating more dairy, wheat, and beans, and paying for it (hello constipation, gas, bloating, and acne).

I’m starting the challenge on Monday and have my friend Melissa convinced to try it with me.  30 days of no dairy (no ice cream–wah!), no wheat, no legumes, no processed anything, and no alcohol (quite possibly the hardest part).  It’s on. I can do this.