Yoga Teacher Training

I am currently in the middle of taking an online yoga teacher training course. It is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.  I chose to do an online course because I wanted to work at my own pace, which has proven to be a real challenge for me.  I signed up for the online training the first week in October, the same week I found out I was pregnant.  The entire first trimester I had no motivation to do anything, especially not work on yoga teacher training.  I did get through the first two texts during that time.  For the past 2 months, I have been working 2-3 days/week as an OT which has been taking up a lot of my free time, and limiting the time I have to spend on my coursework.  The papers and exam are hanging over my head and I know I just need to designate some time to just get them done.  I have until October 2015, however I fear that as soon as the nursery season starts up again, and then the baby comes, I will have very limited time to work on it. I’m excited to finish the course and need a kick in the pants to just get going on it.

Being certified to teach yoga will open up opportunities for me to expand my yoga practice and maybe even incorporate yoga into my OT. I have a few ideas or possibilities on how I could use this training:

1.  Market myself to businesses to do a yoga class for their employees (possibly Mercy?), especially businesses where employees are sitting at a desk all day or are in high stress environments.

2.  Yoga for kids.  I really enjoyed doing the pediatric yoga at the Autism center. I would love to do this again and would really love to do private yoga lessons for kids.

3.  Prenatal Yoga classes: I’m not sure how this would work, but maybe something through the hospital or clinics in town? I think having a class offered to pregnant women (maybe with daycare provided), would be a great service to add.

4.  Early morning yoga:  I am looking for an excuse to get my behind out of bed at least one day/week, and if I taught an early morning yoga class, I wouldn’t have a choice in the matter.

5.  Yoga at the nursery:  I would love to have a building here at Natural Plus to house yoga classes and workshops.  It would be so wonderful to have a yoga class here when the nursery is full of green and blooming plants and flowers.

I wrote this blog post to get me motivated about finishing my online teacher training course.  I do have to record a video of a couple classes that I teach, so those might wait until after baby, but I would really love to have all of my other course work completed and handed in before June. I better get to work!



IMG_2836As I was getting ready for yoga this morning, I realized something.  Yoga always finds a way back to me, and usually during stressful times of my life.  

I started yoga when I was 14, the most awkward age ever. I didn’t really think much of yoga then, I just looked at it as a form of exercise that might make me skinny.

I spent my college years drinking beer and occassionally running, again, to be skinny. But failing. No yoga was done at Luther. 

My next experience with yoga wasn’t until graduate school.  It was the first semesterl, I was in a city alone and I didn’t make insta-friends at school like I thought I would.  My grandpa died and I got hives. Bad. I was stressed to the max.  So I started taking a kundalini yoga class offered at St. Kates.  I’m not sure why its different, but it got into my head and challenged my body to do poses or repetitive chants and motions for extended periods of time (up to 15 minutes worth).  That’s when I learned the power of your brain and how your thoughts can push your physical being through things you never thought possible.  Like running a marathon.  After graduate school I got a job. 

Which eventually led me to Mason City.  I started taking a yoga fit class offered to Mercy employees for a discount.  I went early Saturday mornings and after work one day per week.  Then the class ended. And it was sad. 

I was yoga-less for almost a year.  In that time, I ran a marathon. Lifted some weights. And quit running. And now yoga has found its way back at a time where I need it the most.  I have been attending a class on Friday mornings, and find myself making sure that I get there, no matter how busy I think I am.  I have been doing 20 minute yoga sessions complements of I love it. Its fast, convenient, and free. And I get my dose of yoga for the day. 

We are in the middle of a big move, transition to country life, business ownership, etc. And through all of the craziness, I have been taking small time outs to do yoga, and I truly think its making a difference to keep me calm and balanced. 


10 things

10 things I’m loving right now.

1. Raspberry tea

2. Free clothes that are awesome.

3. Friends that give me free clothes that are awesome. When Jensen came to visit last Friday, she brought me these pants. Which are just the right amount of stretchy to be dreamy. Thank you Jan Jansen, for selling Cabi and giving them the Kate for free, thus giving them to me by default. She sent me another pair in black..and a dress. So awesome. IMG_33084.  Working when I want.

5. Reading. I have been a sponge lately. I think the colder weather makes me want to hunker down and read every book ever written.

6. Remodeling.  As much work as it is, and I know its just the beginning honeymoon phase, but I really like re-doing houses.  I love HGTV and although I’m no interior decorator, I thoroughly enjoy picking out paint colors and making projects for the walls. Can’t wait to move out to our new house so we can keep up the work.

7.  my Toms. Still. Can’t get enough.

8. These boots that I’m saving up for.  They are exactly like the pair I have worn every day for the past 3 winters.  But without 2 cracked soles. I will be wearing them by Christmas.

9. podcast. I love doing yoga, and 20 minutes a day seems just enough to do me good, and not too much to scare me off from even doing it in the first place.

10. That 5/10, or 50% of this post is about my shoes/clothes. I read too many fashion blogs.

AM workout

I did a quick workout this am before leaving for work.

IMG_3070This workout was adapted from the blog Peanut Butter Fingers–she has great workouts: treadmill, strength, cardio…you name it.

I started off on the stationary bike for 10 minutes.

Then did 40 seconds of the following exercises:

Wall sits, Leg lifts (right and left), Burpees, Reverse crunches, Bicycle crunches, Crunches, Stability ball hamstring curls, Bridge, Plank, Jumping jacks, Side plank (R and L), Skaters, Bicep curls, Overhead Tricep extensions, Bent over rows, Mountain climbers, Wall pushups, and Boat/Superman pose

I have done this workout twice now, but have only gone through the exercises once. Next I will make myself do a second set to really get my heart pumping.

Ps. I really do love my interval timer.

10 things

10 things I am loving:

1. Jillian Michaels podcasts: the car, while I workout, while I clean….so informative. I also checked out her book Unlimited from the library and I am attempting to read it outloud to Dave.

2. Lifting weights: it makes me feel strong. I am on stage 4 of the New Rules of Lifting for Women workout. Feeling great.

3. Walking more: I am taking a break from running and it feels awesome. I am doing interval/incline walks on the treadmill and am making it a point to get outside and walk more (for the fresh air and sunshine)

4. Homemade granola:  I have made pumpkin butter granola, nutella granola, almond butter granola…I love it all, and I am loving eating with a little splash of coconut milk

5.  Catching up on old movies with Dave:  winter is a time for snuggling and staying in. We have watched Big, The Jerk, and plan to watch the Godfather movies, Ghostbusters, etc.

6. Weekly massage nights:  We are making it a point to spend more quality time together and also be good to our bodies. A weekly massage feels soooo nice….

7.  My blendtec blender:  I have made so many delicious smoothies and juices (and breadcrumbs and banana bread…) I love it. It has changed the way I cook and eat and will continue to do so.

8. The blog Oh She Glows. Awesome vegan recipes.

9. My jeggings:  I have really loved the black jeggings I bought from American Eagle (have gotten my $25 worth). I have also been enjoying leggings and skinny jeans.

10. Fast Food Nation:  I am reading this book on my kindle. It is really eye opening and has made me really think about the food that I eat. The disgusting conditions of meatpacking plants and the way fast food is made and processed makes me want to stear clear of it forever.

10 things I want to try:

1.  More circuit training workouts:  I will purchase an interval timer to help with this. I want to challenge my body in different ways and the cardio aspect with circuit training is just what I need.

2. Less meat and more veggies:  I will get in the habit of drinking a green smoothie everyday and having it as part of my daily calorie intake.

3.  Working out in the morning:  I struggle to get out of bed every morning, but when I make a little extra time in the am to hop on the treadmill (even if its only 10 minutes) I ALWAYS feel better.

4.  Wheat grass:  I recently bought some things from Mountain Rose Herbs (hemp seeds, vanilla beans, sesame oil) and will try these in my diet/beauty routine. I will also learn what wheat grass can do for me (I heard its very good for you.)

5.  Use oils as body moisturizers:  I will make a body oil using the sesame seed oil I purchased from Mountiain Rose Herbs.

6. Deoderant:  I have not been wearing commercial deodorants and haven’t been noticing that I smell, but I will try to make my own deoderant (plan to use the recipe from A Pretty Penny blog)

7.  Eat local: I will research how I can buy local eggs, look into purchasing meat from a local butcher, eat more fish that Dave catches and learn to can my vegetables from my garden.

8. 50-100 item cleanout:  I will spend a day and choose 50-100 items from my home to purge.

9.  Toxic free nail polish: I love to paint my nails; it makes me feel more dressed up.  But I recently read in Gorgeously Green that nail polish is toxic and can be absorbed through your fingernails.  I would like to order Zoya or other toxic/chemical free nail polish to try out.

10.  Make more time for my relationships:  I will spend more quality time with Dave, spending less time on the internet and my phone.