Pregnancy: 25 weeks

We got to take a little vacation to Florida around the 22-23 week mark (some might call it a Babymoon).  It was really great to get away and relax before chaos ensues!


Concerns: My biggest concern is my weight gain.  I was a little concerned about gaining too much weight (I think every girl is..).  I asked the doctor last visit and he said I’m right on track. I would say I’ve gained about 18 pounds. I’m hoping I will not get over 30 pounds, but I’m going to let my body do what it needs to and make sure I’m eating as healthy as I can.

Side effects:  Not too many new side effects to report.  A couple days shy of 22 weeks I got my first bout of heart burn. It isn’t horrible but in the evenings for several days I was feeling it some… Good news though– I haven’t had heartburn since I started the #wholefoodsreset!

Cravings:  I am still craving grapefruit and kiwis and eat at least one of each a day.  I also have been loving granny smith apples —anything sour, tart, or citrusy tastes SO good!  I started a #wholefoodsreset over a week ago and am definitely eating a ton more vegetables and fruits and good proteins.  This is helping me stay regular (sorry, TMI, but its a legit concern during pregnancy). I also get full faster and can’t eat as much in one sitting, and if I try, I pay for it.  Hello side cramp!  There must be less room in there!

Size:  My belly continues to grow! 


Clothes:    I’m wearing the same skinny jeans (they feel like stretch pants), maroon cords, black maternity pants (for work), and leggings that I have been wearing the past few months. I don’t really need much more. I did get a long black maxi dress and a pair of comfortable capri pants at Old Navy right before Florida and am excited to wear them this spring.  I have a lot of clothes (given to me) stashed away for when I get bigger or for spring, but so far, I really haven’t worn too many of the donated clothes. I invested in a few pieces that I like, and have definitely been wearing these things on repeat (long sleeved cotton t-shirts, old navy v-neck t-shirts, and target tanks).   I really need a new bra, but I am just dreading the shopping.

Exercise: I’ve continued to stick with walking and yoga, although thanks to vacation my scheduled exercise was a little less frequent.  We did walk and walk in Florida, so I feel like I got enough activity most days.  I did get to do a little yoga on the beach in Florida–so lovely!


Sleep: I’ve been sleeping well.  We definitely rested and relaxed more in Florida–we needed that vacation! I have been listening to my body and choosing to sleep in some mornings instead of get up for exercise, especially if I’ve been busy or working all week (like last week).

Mood:  I’m in pretty good spirits right now.  I do think my better food choices have a big influence on my moods, I am much more motivated to get things done around the house and also a bit less irritable. It could be all the Vitamin D I got in FL too.  I will never know if it was one or the other, or both, or even something different, but I’ll take it!

Overall feelings:  I have been able to feel the baby kick for several weeks, and somedays it is so active!  Dave felt it move the other day too–its starting to become a reality.  I am getting excited to meet the baby, and really excited to find out if we will have a little boy or girl join our family.  I’m also a bit nervous, as there are so many unknowns and uncertainties…like how are we going to manage the nursery and a newborn?  I’m also feeling the push to get on the preparations…like buying a crib (where do you do that?!) and maybe registering for baby stuff (I don’t even know what I’ll need!).

Baby Names:  Our baby has acquired some nicknames:  Little Hopper, Sweet Baby, and Captain Gil (don’t ask…)

We’ve had names picked out since before we were pregnant and so far those names have not changed, except we’re still debating on the middle name if its a girl…which Dave has a feeling it is.  I can’t say that I have strong feelings either way, but my 3 year old niece Emily seems to know.  She walked right up to my belly and asked sweetly, “Can I see her?” *heart melt* Kate, my 5 year old niece, thinks its a girl too, and hopes we name it Rachel.  And Emily wants a baby girl cousin named Joseph. Go figure.



Yoga Teacher Training

I am currently in the middle of taking an online yoga teacher training course. It is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.  I chose to do an online course because I wanted to work at my own pace, which has proven to be a real challenge for me.  I signed up for the online training the first week in October, the same week I found out I was pregnant.  The entire first trimester I had no motivation to do anything, especially not work on yoga teacher training.  I did get through the first two texts during that time.  For the past 2 months, I have been working 2-3 days/week as an OT which has been taking up a lot of my free time, and limiting the time I have to spend on my coursework.  The papers and exam are hanging over my head and I know I just need to designate some time to just get them done.  I have until October 2015, however I fear that as soon as the nursery season starts up again, and then the baby comes, I will have very limited time to work on it. I’m excited to finish the course and need a kick in the pants to just get going on it.

Being certified to teach yoga will open up opportunities for me to expand my yoga practice and maybe even incorporate yoga into my OT. I have a few ideas or possibilities on how I could use this training:

1.  Market myself to businesses to do a yoga class for their employees (possibly Mercy?), especially businesses where employees are sitting at a desk all day or are in high stress environments.

2.  Yoga for kids.  I really enjoyed doing the pediatric yoga at the Autism center. I would love to do this again and would really love to do private yoga lessons for kids.

3.  Prenatal Yoga classes: I’m not sure how this would work, but maybe something through the hospital or clinics in town? I think having a class offered to pregnant women (maybe with daycare provided), would be a great service to add.

4.  Early morning yoga:  I am looking for an excuse to get my behind out of bed at least one day/week, and if I taught an early morning yoga class, I wouldn’t have a choice in the matter.

5.  Yoga at the nursery:  I would love to have a building here at Natural Plus to house yoga classes and workshops.  It would be so wonderful to have a yoga class here when the nursery is full of green and blooming plants and flowers.

I wrote this blog post to get me motivated about finishing my online teacher training course.  I do have to record a video of a couple classes that I teach, so those might wait until after baby, but I would really love to have all of my other course work completed and handed in before June. I better get to work!

Yoga Update

I have recently signed up for an online yoga teacher training course through Aura Wellness.  Yoga has been a huge part of my life for many years, and I feel like my practice will only be enhanced and improved by learning about the history and teachings of yoga.

I am at the very beginning of the course (trying to get through the first 2 books), so I don’t have a lot of report, however I’m very excited to see where this new path will take me.

Last month, I taught Yoga-tism, a class for kids with disabilities at the Autism Center at Opportunity Village.


photo courtesy of Opportunity Village Facebook page


Yoga has a lot of benefits, and I believe it can be a very useful tool, especially for kids who may struggle with confidence, body awareness, social skills, coordination, or sensory issues.  Yoga teaches body awareness and body regulation/calming techniques.

Yoga is great, because it can be modified to fit any individual’s needs.  The thing I love the most about yoga is there is no comparisons or judgments.  You do what your body is capable of doing that day at that moment, and the rest doesn’t matter.

I’m excited to see where this new adventure with yoga takes me.