How blogs changed my life.

Several years ago, via Facebook I started following Kelsey (a friend of my cousin’s) at Snappy Casual and her adventures with the 3o for 30 challenge. Wear only 30 items in your closet for 30 days.  I followed along with Kelsey and a lot of other bloggers for quite some time which lead me to lots of other blogs on the internet (this was before pinterest got HUGE).  Before that, I had only heard about blogs in passing, but had never really checked any out, or thought they could change my life.  Over time, though, blogs have changed my life in ways I never thought possible.

1.  Financial security:  I have followed along with Kelsey and her husband Eric on how they became debt free based on the concepts by Dave Ramsey.  It inspired me to do the same.  Two years later, I’m debt free and I know because of this when the opportunity arose to purchase my husband’s family business it was a no brainer.  We were financially set to take on that kind of responsibility.

2.  Healthy eating: I read What I Wore  daily, and a year and a half ago, she wrote about a Whole 30 challenge she did.   I purchased the book It Starts with Food and did my own Whole 30 challenge.  I now view food completely different and feel like I am able to make healthy choices without being fooled by food marketing and manufacturers (there’s a lot of junk in our food).

3.  Organization and purging stuff:  Such blogs as  IHeartOrganizing have inspired me to clean things in my house I never would have thought to clean. And doing the 30 x 30 remix by Kendi Everyday taught me I don’t need all those clothes in my closet.  Over time, I have decreased the amount of clothes I buy and have gone several months at a time without shopping.  I LOVE to swap clothes and accessories with my friends and sister…its a great way to get new stuff for free. And I’ve found without even trying I’ve inspired people in my life to life simply as well.

4.  Living Life with Intention:  I read Jess Lively’s blog and find her to be a huge inspiration.  She now has a podcast as well. What I have learned from her is to make each day count.  Each day, do something to make a small step to achieve what you want.  I felt so stuck in my full time job, and didn’t think it would be possible for me to do anything different.  But 3 years later, here I am working when I want, and diving into small business ownership with my best friend. Kinda crazy, but way cool.

Each of the women (and men) behind these blogs have touched my life in a way most will never know.  Because I have been touched and changed, I want to put myself out there, in hopes I can touch or change someone else’s life.

So, its doubtful that any of the above mentioned people will ever read this post, but I will just throw it out into the universe and say

IMG_4593Thank you.

And keep doing what you do.  Because its working.






I hosted another swap last night..kind of a spur of the moment deal before we move.  It was a success again.  I love getting FREE clothes, accessories, and jewelry, courtesy of my friends.  I also love when someone finds joy in the stuff I don’t want anymore.

I also love wine.
Butterfly clips are coming back.  I can just feel it.
IMG_3397My outfit today was completely swapped!  I took a swapped 14K  gold bracelet into the jeweler to trade in and got about $9 for it. Then I had the battery replaced on an old gold timex watch I picked up at the swap.  I had to pay $.81 total.  Cheapest watch ever.